Why should I do open source?

So you are a programmer? You learn stuff along the way and probably are already using tons of libraries. Chances are some of them are open source and even on free licenses... But why should you bother to give out stuff for free?

  1. Because you support technology you learned. That is a powerful benefit! You make a new library that helps do boring or painful stuff. Other programmers use it and they are more happy to use the technology you know and maybe even like ;-). So what you gain? You are more likely to get a job! Technology you know is widely used = technology you know is needed.
  2. Because it's actually profitable. You take stuff from community. You give some back. You take again from those who gave something back.
  3. Because you get free testing. People take your stuff and use it in real life. And can even send you updated/fixed code. Less work to do - perfect testing ;-).
  4. Because you get free support for your modifications. Not always but chance are someone else will chime in and fix stuff while you abandon your library. If the library is not yours then chances are the original creator will like your modification and you get both new functions and maybe even fixes for your function in next updates. So again, functions you use will be more maintainable.
  5. Because you learn more. Mistakes and bugs are built-in programming process ;-). If you publish your code you get a chance for review and tips to code better. This might not be the most pleasant thing, but is certainly a good thing for you :-).