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Sunday, 31 December, 2017
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SearchAutocomplete, is a WebExtension add-on for Firefox that aims to give you quick, keyword based autocomplete for your search engines. Making your address bar an effective tool again ;-). Should be a good replacement for Omnibar add-on (that worked until FF 56).

The add-on works in the address bar. Just go to the address bar and type in sa and your search engine keyword (after space). For example when you type in sa en Some in the address bar you will see a list of articles starting with "Some" from English Wikpedia.

Technical highlights:

  1. Uses ES2015 modules (import) compiled with Browserify and Babel.
  2. Uses AngularJS 1.6 to build a settings management page (list with action, form with dynamically added parameters).
  3. Uses gulp for building the project and defines tasks that can be run with Visual Studio Code.
  4. Uses Mocha for unit and integration testing.




Supported languages: