Web vs. native?

I've recently read PPK's article titled "Web vs. native: let’s concede defeat". I've also seen countless "web vs. native" debates in forms of either presentations or articles. Some of them claiming native is a sure winner, some that web is superior... I want to show how fruitless the debate really is and how you – as a developer – should decide (or help your boss decide).

Why should I do open source?

So you are a programmer? You learn stuff along the way and probably are already using tons of libraries. Chances are some of them are open source and even on free licenses... But why should you bother to give out stuff for free?

Using Netbeans for Android development

Yesterday I wrote about how to prepare Netbeans for Android development. This time some tips on how to create, run and debug projects. Something to make your work pleasurable :-).

Preparing Netbeans for Android development

So you want to make your first application but have no tools? Maybe you used Netbeans before or just want to try it? As for me - I just use Netbeans for other projects (especially JavaScript based) and it was a natural choice for me. It's easier to switch languages than tools. Whatever your case is - here is a step-by-step instruction from a clean system to fully functional development environment.

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