Welcome to my humble lair :-).

I'm Nux and on this site I write about various things related mainly to JavaScript and mobile programming and some interesting findings on the way. Usability and testing is also close to my it-heart, but I know that it's usually far on the list of your every day treasurer ;-).

I dare to say that I'm a polyglot programmer. Well you have to come to know many languages if you want to be a professional programmer. In my case it's just a pinch more as I tend to switch between many languages quite rapidly.

How often do I switch languages and tasks? For example in about a month I was: creating websites, translating applications, processing and creating images and audio files, creating CMS, administrating file and application server, administrating continuous integration server, creating mobile applications and doing some old application support (both in terms of help-desk and fixes). On the way I used various IDEs - mainly Netbeans, Visual Studio 6, Adobe Flash and Eclipse. So quite a lot happened ;-). So with no false modesty I can say that sometimes I switch between a dozen languages in a month (in that particular one it was: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, XSL, Python, Bash, DOS shell, Java, PHP, C++, ActionScript).

And it could be worse ;-). Thankfully most of my mobile applications are hybrids. Thanks to that I didn't have to use Objective C in a while. Well you can get used to anything, but Apple's language was born in parallel with C++. This along with Apple being a separatist give birth to a language with constructions that you won't find in any other. It's certainly something you (or I) could get used to, but thankfully for now I don't have to.

Other things me...

I'm also quite passionate about bikes (and I even own two).

I'm also a Wikipedian, but who isn't ;-).