Start time: 
Thursday, 9 August, 2012

Estimate is a browser application that look like a calculator, but serves as a time estimate helper. To be more exact it allows you to type in time estimate in a live, group task estimating.

Technical highlights:

  1. Estimate is based on an early(!) version of mJappis. Despite its early stage it was quite quick to create a simple two-language application.
  2. Interesting problem came up with quick typing, too quick for the browser to cope with. So most of the time for doing the app was spent on getting quick typing to work. TL;DR: Eventually, I found that new version of jQuery Mobile presented vclick event :-).

There is an English interface, but I admit I took some shortcuts and never finished the app. Probably because we stopped estimating tasks directly on meetings :-). But hey if you want to use this app - write me a message.



Supported languages: