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Wednesday, 21 June, 2023
Wikiploy bot

Wikiploy is a tool for deploying user scripts and gadgets for Wikipedia (and other wikis based on MediaWiki). With this tool, you can deploy your JS, CSS, etc. from a git repository to any number of wikis with a single click.

The tool utilizes Puppeteer to control Chrome Canary (it also works with MS Edge). Simply open Chrome with the remote debugging parameter and run the script. The idea is that you are logged into this Chrome instance, so all edits are still your edits. In standard use cases you also don't need a special bot flag or anything like that.

Technical highlights:

  1. Using the Puppeteer library for automation.
  2. Cache similar to PWA at the Puppeteer level.
  3. Relatively simple module in NPM.
  4. Tests in Mocha/Chai with Test Explorer configuration (add-on for VSCode).



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