IE8 dogorywa – radujcie się

IE8 dogorywa

Półtora roku temu napisałem po angielsku artykuł IE8 must die! Chciałem przekonać nim, że warto powalczyć o zagrzebanie IE8. Wówczas miał on jeszcze 4% polskiego runku. Potem następowały różne fluktuacje, zwłaszcza w okresie wakacyjnym, ale dzisiaj jest już pewność – od miesiąca Internet Explorer 8.0 utrzymuje się poniżej 1%.

How about a game of CSS chess?

There are some new CSS selectors which let you cleanup your HTML from unwanted classes. One of them is :nth-child which let you make a chess board with not a single trace of JaveScript and no classes in table cells. I write this in present tense, but as I wrote before - many CSS selectors and other neat stuff is missing in IE8. Please install updates or different browsers to your friends and neighbors. You can track your progress on IE8 countdown page ;-).


IE8 must die!

I know what you think - Internet Explorer, argh! But thankfully, IE6 is dead. IE7 share is also rapidly diminishing. What about IE8? Unfortunately IE8 is the top most IE on Windows XP. And this is a favorite Windows distribution for many users still. Long live IE8? Please, no. Here is why...

HTML compass madness!

So I wanted to do a compass from a while just to push it to some apps, mostly as a nice way of showing directions (e.g. "this way to the museum"). I thought that the hardest part would be to draw the needle, and translate North azimuth to object azimuth. Turned out I was wrong...

Update: There is now a more stable version of below code with additional library for mocking compass and PhoneGap support. See: WebCompass project.

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